A Fine Friday


“Don’t feelsorry for yourself. Only assholes do that.”

Today is April 22, Good Friday. I am listening to The Strokes and reading Murakami and using the internet. I am not sure if this is proper or appropriate Good Friday behavior or activity but well, there is nothing else to do. Also, my parents are having an electronic Good Friday as well. My mom is watching television and my dad has been hammering and tinkling with his laptop all day long. He’s been trying to annihilate all the green goddamned pigs on Angry Birds. My sister, who works in the evening, slept the whole day.

Times are changing. I have bits of ideas in which ways but I’m too young to be sure. I mean I can’t remember much of “the old days” to compare. I don’t really even remember what we did last year’s Good Friday but I don’t think it involved Julian Casablancas and crew.

I am also sorta watching Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on tv. I am not sure how I feel about it. But I am more on the side of I don’t really like it. It’s now come to the part where the White Queen and the Red Queen are about to start a war. Red Queen’s just called the Jabberwocky. Wouldn’t it be great if it came as words or printed in words of the poem. Oh. It’s just a dragon or winged lizard looking thing. Damn. Alice has cut off the Jabberwocky’s tongue as her opening move. In the WWF, or WWE now is it, that’s a bad thing. First move always loses. It’s now a mishmash of reds versus whites and Hatter versus Red’s sidekick. Not sure who he is but looks like it’s Mr Glover or the hair-sniffing dude from Charlie’s Angels. Bird thing got kicked in the ass by a mouse. Oh I see now. The Jabberwocky reminds me of the Evil Queen in Sleeping Beauty. Hatter’s shown me how convenient keeping a pin on your ring is. I don’t wear rings however so that’s not really useful to me afterall. Aaa-and Alice has just mutilated the Jabberwocky. Futterwacken. Hatter and more importantly Johnny Depp is dong a crazy dance. So she drinks the Jabberwocky’s purple psychedelic blood. She comes back to wedding and she’s all know-it-all and bitchily pointing out the flaws in others. Just because she’s slain a 3d dragon. Everyone in the wedding party seems to be stiff pricks, but still.  

I don’t like this movie. I love Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Mr Glover and of course the wonderful Helena Bonham Carter. But this movie surprisingly sucks. I did not check but it sounds like it’s still a Danny Elfman movie. Should I give this a second chance?

And on to my point before I got sidetracked by that film. Good Friday and I’m on the internet and no one is telling to get off the internet. No one is telling me to shut or keep the music down (I’ve now moved to Arcade Fire from The Strokes). No one cares, or this is the new normal? Feels like we’re moving farther and farther away from the tight-lipped, stick-in-the-ass strict religiousness of religion. Is this good or bad? Depends on who you would ask I guess. I am Roman Catholic and I pray every night before I sleep. I don’t believe in the all the rituals and converging to worship however. Call me a convenient Catholic but I don’t want to spend any amount of time in a place full of Catholic posers – praying and singing along to the songs at a tight-packed church only to smack their children at home, curse to the highest heavens and cheat on their spouses, families, work and government the moment they leave.

The quote is from Murakami. Go on, google it.

And this is what it’s like inside my head. Welcome. Man, this is not stuff you share but I had to get it out there. Untouched for over a year, I don't think anyone reads this anyway. Best of both worlds - anonymous and expressed.

*I owe credit to the owner of the photo above.