It's from E. E. Cummings' "Somewhere I have never traveled, gladly beyond."
Haha, the tattoo is not for real. I just got a bit edit-happy.
It's a heart with a "mother" banner. Reminds me of what Bart got in the first season of The Simpsons.

Breakneck Speed


"I remember when our voices used to sound the same
Now we just translate"

I listen to this song too much. I'm not complaining, it's not a problem. I really, really like it.

I'm excited for Tokyo Police Club's CHAMP. I don't know how I'll get it since their stuff are never available here (hint, hint TPC). Probably through some highly-complicated multi-country shipping and hopping process.

I'm hoping "Once I Was The Keeper" is also on Champ.

I love TPC. I wish they'd come here and play.



For the first time in my entire life, I am and I will be working during summer vacation.

Summer Vacation 2010.
(P.S. That's Capones beach/ island up there.)

So, this will be my first non-relaxing vacation, escape-from-everything summer. A non-vacation summer... what irony, what a conundrum, what cruelty! :-D But really, working when it's the summer holiday sounds like such a crazy, impossible idea. But I guess this is exactly what growing up does to you. You begin doing crazy, impossible things.

Like going to work and being cooped indoors and laboring and doing major mental tasks when it's SUMMER! I am wearing slacks and pumps and drinking coffee inside the corporate office instead of being in board shorts and being barefoot and drinking chocnut and coconut shakes out in the sun. Aloha summer.
(Okay, I'm being dramatic. My boss is actually pretty laidback [and therefore awesome] when it comes to what I wear. I can wear open-toed sandals/ wedges and floral flats to work. But it's not the same as the wonderful feeling of soft sand in between and against your toesies. Flipflops optional.)

And actually, I'm really, really happy with work. It's the most corporate-y among my dream jobs but it's still a dream job, cannot take that away from it and me. I work in HR/ Recruitment. I am absolutely grateful to be in a dynamic, un-boring, challenging and fun job that also allows me to help other people every single day. In particular, I help them land jobs and careers. It's very fulfilling.

If I can't be where the sun, sand, sea, surf and board shorts meet and kiss, then at least I am doing something I enjoy. Living a dream job, pursuing my passion, helping other people, meeting tons of awesome people.

Hmm... but I'm still hoping for a beach weekend though.

the self pep talk


it's time to start hustling again. hustle, hustle.
good things happen to those who hustle - anais nin

Kurdt Cobain said/wrote that "life isn't nearly as sacred as the appreciation (and pursuit, yes?) of passion."
So here's to passion. Pursuing my passion, getting through whatever obstacle life may throw my way, and enjoying the ride no matter what. Go Naida, go!

I really, really love their version of this Bowie song. And I like this one better than the official performance because of the beginning. It's like almost actually seeing and hearing and experiencing Kurdt.



Like a happy, excitable rabbit on acid.
I got bunny ears in anticipation of Easter. I'm ready to be the Easter Bunny now.Self portraits are hard.
Wearing: vintage Little Fairy coat, SM bunny ears headband, my yellow Brazilet

Fruity Salvation


My mom has been bitten by the fruit shake bug. She's recently gotten into a health kick and is enforcing a "no softdrinks" rule on the home front. Instead, she is making everyone drink fruit shakes.

The heat being what it is I am super thankful for it.

So far, the constants have been coconut milkshake and green mango shake. It looks yellow but don't let it fool you, the mango shake is sour but it's super good.

Heat Wave


It is absolutely crazy hot in Manila right now.
Just thinking about layering is enough to make me sweat.
And it's not even officially summer yet.
Still, I can't wait to go to the beach.
It's been three weeks haha

Jude & Lucy


Across The Universe. I am quite in love with this film. The song/ part of the film on this video is one of my favorite scenes. It was exciting when Jude/ Jim Sturgess first starts to come up to the mic and sing. During the entire song, I was all bated breaths and goose bumps.

And when Lucy/ Evan Rachel Wood finally appeared on the building across the street, I was also all smiles and kilig shudders. I was absolutely sharing in the whole Jude&Lucy moment. Ahh the magic of films...

(The pictures are mine but they are stills from the film so they aren't really mine I guess... )

the past is a furry-bottomed friend.


I wish they'd stop knocking down or re-designing old buildings in quiapo.
I think the term is "yuppie-fucked to non-existence."
I like some places old and crumbling and yellowed.
The quote on the first picture is completely unrelated to the sentiment of this post, unless old buildings can call and tell you stories literally.

gold rush