Jude & Lucy


Across The Universe. I am quite in love with this film. The song/ part of the film on this video is one of my favorite scenes. It was exciting when Jude/ Jim Sturgess first starts to come up to the mic and sing. During the entire song, I was all bated breaths and goose bumps.

And when Lucy/ Evan Rachel Wood finally appeared on the building across the street, I was also all smiles and kilig shudders. I was absolutely sharing in the whole Jude&Lucy moment. Ahh the magic of films...

(The pictures are mine but they are stills from the film so they aren't really mine I guess... )


katherine said...

never seen it - looks good though

magpie said...


I think you are a girl after my own heartt.
Everytime I watch that video (I have it on my iPod) I want to cry of joy. It is seriously the most romantic thing in the entire world to me.

And Rachel Evan Wood is so beautiful. This is how I want to be proposed to. Or something :).

Love always,

Aloha Soleil said...

katherine: trust magpie and me, it is an awesome film worth seeing :)

magpie: and you are after my own. there was real magic and romance in that scene, yes. EvanRW is one of my favorite actresses

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