the past is a furry-bottomed friend.


I wish they'd stop knocking down or re-designing old buildings in quiapo.
I think the term is "yuppie-fucked to non-existence."
I like some places old and crumbling and yellowed.
The quote on the first picture is completely unrelated to the sentiment of this post, unless old buildings can call and tell you stories literally.


Mitzi Cocoa said...

I love these photos! Those buildings are beautiful! The guy who owned the best music venue in Vancouver just sold it to condo developers... Fffuuuuuu.

Aloha Soleil said...

Ooh that sucks. Saguijo, my favorite music venue, is an old, small-ish house. When bands play, they are literally three inches away from your face and it is absolutely wonderful. I digress... My real point is that I would be absolutely depressed if they turned that magical musical wonderland into another high-rise.

and Thank you! :D

hellolyndsey said...

girl you are SOOOOO sweet for all of the comments you have given me. thank you soo soo soo much for everything and i LOVE your blog, so i followed tehe!


moonshinejunkyard said...

it looks beautiful sad they're tearing down old buildings. i hate that and i LOVE your expression for it.

Aloha Soleil said...

moonshinejunkyard: thank you! :) it is sad and I rather like the buildings' history and architectural style (intricate). people ought to build yuppie wonderlands somewhere else.

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