the self pep talk


it's time to start hustling again. hustle, hustle.
good things happen to those who hustle - anais nin

Kurdt Cobain said/wrote that "life isn't nearly as sacred as the appreciation (and pursuit, yes?) of passion."
So here's to passion. Pursuing my passion, getting through whatever obstacle life may throw my way, and enjoying the ride no matter what. Go Naida, go!

I really, really love their version of this Bowie song. And I like this one better than the official performance because of the beginning. It's like almost actually seeing and hearing and experiencing Kurdt.

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Mitzi Cocoa said...

I'm always skeptical of covers of songs I love originally by artists I love but Kurt does this wonderfully. Also, I found and purchased Brain Child in a bookstore, today. Did you recommend that to me? I hope your motivation helps you get whatever you're needing to done!

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